Soccer training courses

N°1 in France

since 1981


Founded in 1981 Bosquier’s soccer camps welcome every summer young soccer players from all over the world to make them live an unforgettable week of soccer. Such longevity is possible only if the child is placed in the center of attention, for this our courses are articulated around 3 fundamental axes:

• In terms of infrastructure first: We selected the modern complex of Cavaillon, equipped with facilities and superior rooms, a gymnasium, an amphitheater, a cafeteria, an infirmary and 5 grassy grounds giving the whole a kind of “American Campus

• Then, in terms of program : Ours is exclusively focused about technical skill. We are convinced that the ball skills in all circumstances remains the main asset of a good professional soccer player of course, but also amateur to just have fun on the field. The week will feature technical sessions, videos, conferences, reduced games and tournaments.

• Finally, in terms of values: There is no better vector than soccer to reinforce its individual and collective effectiveness, develop self-confidence, taste for effort, willingness, character, initiative and team spirit while respecting the rules of a community life.

Attend the Bosquier’s soccer camp is the guarantee for your children to spend a sporty, friendly, informative, positive, serene and supervised week on and off the field by state-educated graduate educators present 24h / 24h and 100% available for your children.

For 39 years it is this know-how that we propose to share with your children so that they keep a positive and rewarding experience after their coming to us while having assimilated the importance to practice a sport for the balance and the personal well-being.

Bosquier’s camps, the soccer as we love it…



1 World Cup (England)
42 Caps in french national team
5 Championships (ASSE-OM)
3 French Cups (ASSE-OM)
3 times best french player
Manager of Olympique de Marseille and A.S. Saint-Etienne

Ambassador of the city of Marseille 
Decorated by the Ministry of “Youth & Sports”


Founded in 1981: The internships take place in Cavaillon (Vaucluse)

75 km from Marseille (45 mn) / 200 m of highway A7 exit
58 km of Marignagne Airport (30mn)
22 km of TGV Avignon train station
1,5 km of Cavaillon train station
16 km of St Rémy de Provence
Internships are opened to all boys from 8 to 17 years old.

Start dates : Monday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
End date : Saturday 11:45 a.m. (awards ceremony)

Location: ISMAEL DAUPHIN High School, rue Pierre Fabre 84300 Cavaillon, 200 meters from highway A7 exit.



5 grassy lands : 200 m from the complex, one just before the center ground for younger, one gymnasium (Major sporting complex).

Accommodation: Rooms of 4, completely refurbished in 2011, each trainee to privacy (mini partition) and individual cupboard closed. Each room has a bathroom, 2 sinks, shower and separate toilet. The rooms of the closure system is done through magnetic cards. 2 TV rooms with DVD in each cell. Comfort guaranteed worthy of a modern hotel.

Catering : Self service with menu adapted to our trainees and a small staff to care for your children.

Amphitheatre : 230 seats, reception of parents, conference, games, films, awards ceremony, BAFA animations.

An infirmary: A Care Responsible Person to cure the small wounds of your children.

Room relaxation area : Cafeteria, PlayStation games room, Table football available to your children free. BAFA animations. Meeting place and conviviality.

Green Space: Table tennis tables, picnic tables, ball field.

Presence of our educators 24h / 24h : Night porter 7/7, the secure enclosure internship with electric gate and camera.

Camping Durance : 3 stars (adjoining high school)
495 av Boscodomini 84300 Cavaillon 04/90/71/11/78


1. 1st to 6th of July
2. 8th to 13th of July
3. 15th to 20th of July
4. 22th to 27th of July
5. 29th of July to 3th of August
6. 5th to 10th of August

RATES 2019

€ 499 for 1 week

€ 1150 for 2 weeks + Week end

€ 330 for 1 week 1/2 Board

Group rates + 8 (Contact us)


Suggested Packing
( for one week)

1 Fitted Sheet
1 Top Sheet
1 Pillow case
1 Pair of Cleats (rubber obligatory)
1 Pair of Shin Guards
1 Rain Coat or Poncho
1 Warm up suit
3 shorts & socks
1 Gym bag for daily use
1 Long Sleeve shirt or T-shirt
4 Short Sleeve shirts or T-shirts
1 Pair of Flip-Flops or Slippers
2 Bath Towel
1 Gourd for drinking
1 Box for bulb feet
1 Padlock numbers
Underwear and toilet bag as needed
Jerseys are provided for tournaments 11, 7, 9

Typical Daily Schedule
100 % Foot

7:30 : Wake up and breakfast
8:30 : Starting guards for training
9:00 : Screen of drills and skills of the day
9:30 : Technical training
11:00 : 7 v 7 tournaments
12:00 : Shower, lunch and rest (recovery in room)
15:00 : Starting guards for training
15:30 : Conference including lectures on care, diet, placement and doping
16:30 : Olympic tournament 11 v 11
19:45 : Shower, meal and rest (playroom, film, animation BAFA)
21:45 : Bedtime / lights out




Live as a professional player.
Meet children from all over the world.
Teach your children a certain autonomy and at the same time the sence of the sharing and the friendship in our school,


the best trainee is rewarded thanks to his attitude on and outside the ground!


Come to pass one week in complete peace and in complete safety, in the only purpose the share its passion. Qualified, State-certified, concerned and available educators 24 hours a days for your children. Animations BAFA to the program every  evening. A person in charge of the care put at the disposal of the children on and outside the ground.

The difference between a good player and a very good player it is her personality

The parents can attend all the trainings, as well as the finales on all Saturday mornings. Come in large numbers to encourage them, they love it!

You can join your children in the evening between 8 pm and 9:30 pm.

Mobile phones are authorized, however in the evening, before going to sleep, they will be given back to their coachs, which will restore them in the morning, at awakening.

Technical review at the end of the intership, distributed and commented individually by every educator.

A specific training goalkeeper, who cames to add as a supplement to the training of the players of field. They leave 1H00 before the others, in the morning and the afternoon.

Conferences and videos on the arbitration, the doping, the dietetics, the practical advice (councils), the laws of the games, etc..

Awards ceremony on Saturday, 11h45, better trainee, better guards, better shooter of the free kick, better striker, as well as the winners of the tournaments.

Possibility of being detected and of reaching a club pro as our former trainees who frequented the interships in the past.
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Niko Kranjcar (équipe de Croatie), Benoit Cheyrou (OM), Cédric Carasso (Bordeaux), Teddy Richert (FC Sochaux), alain Boghossian (Champion du monde 98), Benjamin Genton (Lorient), Michel Pavon (Bordeaux), Benjamin Gavanon (Nancy), Marc Libbra, Jean Luc Vanucci, Titi Camara, Sébastien Gregori, Olivier Sorlin, Xavier Pentecôte (Nice), Samir Nasri (FC Seville).


Stages Bosquier
Tel. 07 69 41 20 42

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